Rules of Conduct

This page outlines the rules and behaviors expected while using the Sopra Steria Biometrics Discussion Forums. All users are expected to abide by these rules and any users found to repeatedly violate and/or act inappropriately can be removed and/or banned from future use.


Sopra Steria Biometrics administrators maintain complete control over all content posted on the forums. Although we do not have any intention of moderating, editing, or removing topics from the discussion forums, we reserve the right to do so.


User accounts

Posting in the Sopra Steria Biometrics Discussion Forums is only permitted from registered accounts. One may register an account by clicking here. New accounts require the user to register with their real names (first and last) and a proper valid work email address. Any requests to register with anonymous accounts or one-time/invalid email addresses will be rejected.


Once registered, an account approval request will be sent to the site administrators. Please be patient; it may take us a couple of days to approve your request. If your account has not been approved or rejected after five (5) business days or you believe your account was rejected unnecessarily, please send an email to with your account email.


Forum’s purpose

So why are we here? The purpose of this forum is to help conduct community support for any generic, technical, or other questions around the Sopra Steria products/projects. Any and all questions are welcomed.


However, this forum is not a place for urgent issues or trackable support in general. Rather, this is a place for all of us to work together and build a community of knowledge around Sopra Steria Biometrics. If you are having issues with your Sopra Steria Biometrics product/project and need dedicated attention, please open up a ticket through your normal support channels.


Personal conduct

This is a professional forum and all members are expected to act like professionals. At no point will any lewd, obscene, violent, objectionable, or otherwise unnecessary language or threats of action be tolerated. We expect all participants to be respectful of others on the forum.


Any inappropriate action, especially those of a personal or vulgar nature, can result in immediate termination and permanent banning from the forum.



Don’t SPAM the forum. We get too much of it already. Any user who repeatedly posts content to the forum the administrators consider SPAM will have their content removed and will be terminated from the forum.


Confidential and personal information

This is a public forum. Any and all contents on the forum should be considered suitable for public consumption. Please do not post any information of a confidential or personal nature.


If any confidential or personal information is identified or brought to the attention of the administrators, it will be removed.



If you have any questions, please send an email to